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Hathor Labs & Hathor Foundation

Hathor Labs was created to support the development and deployment of Hathor Network, which will be open-source, publicly available, and community driven.

Hathor Labs

What is Hathor Labs?

Hathor Labs is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. It was created to support the development and the launch Hathor platform. The primary goals of Hathor Labs are:

  1. Put together a team capable of getting things done;
  2. Manage the development of the platform in its early stages;
  3. Raise funds to support the early days of Hathor;
  4. Guard the pre-mined Hathor Tokens (HTR) of the Hathor Foundation.

How does Hathor Labs raise funds?

Hathor Labs raises funds selling equity and pre-mined tokens. As the main network has not been launched yet, tokens are sold through Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs).

We have already made a seed investment round with Friends & Family and some selected private investors. We raised enough money to keep our company small and running. The funds have been primarily used to support both the development of our techonology and the launch of the testnet.

We are open to investment rounds from global investors looking for both tokens and equity. Let’s grow together!

How does Hathor Labs remunerate its team?

So far, Hathor Labs has not paid wages for the members of the team. We are all living on a short budget and investing our savings to support ourselves. We all believe that our remuneration will come after the success of Hathor. The raised funds have been used exclusively to pay for third-party services and legal obligations.

Each member has signed a vesting contract that guarantees remuneration in Hathor Tokens (HTR) according to each one’s performance. The vesting contract has four years of duration with semiannual payments.

Any member may apply for a maintenance grant limited to USD 1,500 for at most 6 months. The applicants must be fully dedicated to our project. So far, no one has applied.

What about the Intellectual Property?

All technology developed by our team is property of Hathor Labs. We are in the process of depositing patent requirements in the United States and Europe.

Hathor Foundation

What is Hathor Foundation?

Hathor Foundation will be a nonprofit organization that will be opened in convenient time and will have headquarters in Switzerland. Its main objective is to promote and support the Hathor Network platform.

The administration of Hathor Foundation will be carried out by a board composed by the Hathor Labs Founders, strategic advisors, and leaders of the community.

Why will we open Hathor Foundation?

The foundation will act in three different lines:

  1. community management;
  2. education promotion;
  3. maintenance and R&D of the platform;

Community management aims to promote Hathor usage across the globe and use cases success. Its main activities are controlling bounties, community rewards, participation in events, promotion of events, management of communication channels and strategic partnerships.

The education promotion line is concerned with bringing the Hathor Network discussion into academic and research spheres. For this purpose, it will fund scholarships and research centers, promote workshops and courses in universities.

Hathor Foundation will keep a full-time team of developers to do maintenance and R&D of the platform. It’s the team’s responsibility to monitor the network, support Exchanges and Miners and do integrations with the ecosystem (hard-wallets, multi-coin wallets, etc.). Also, the area is responsible for researching new technologies and solutions, such as storage usage/dag compression, p2p network improvements, DAG syncing algorithms, conflict resolution, split-brain merging, just to name a few.