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What's Hathor? Is it a platform over Ethereum or another crypto?

Hathor is a novel architecture based on the Ph.D. thesis of our founder (Marcelo) and its code was built from zero, so it's not a fork nor a platform over another crypto.

When was it launched?

Hathor's first testnet was launched at May, 2019. At January 3rd of 2020 the mainnet was launched.

What are Hathors (HTR)?

Hathor (HTR) is the native unit of account of the Hathor Network, created as a utility token needed to access the decentralized payment, contracting and token issuance capabilities of our technologies.

Does it use Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake?

Hathor achieves consensus using proof-of-work and the same hash of bitcoin (sha256d).

How can I mine Hathors?

If you want to mine Hathors (HTRs), first you need to install one of the available mining software, then you can connect to a full-node to start mining. Ideally, you should run you own full-node for security reasons. See more information at our mining page.

What are the advantages of Hathor?

Hathor architecture allows the platform to scale on layer one achieving hundreds of transactions per second. Furthermore, we focus on usability for the end user, so creating a new token is extremely easy on our platform besides having zero fee to exchange your tokens.

Did Hathor have an ICO?

No, the project was initially funded by a private seed investiment with family & friends.

Is it open source?

Yes, you can check our repositories on Github.

Where can I buy HTR?

As soon as Hathor gets listed in some exchanges we will release on our social networks.