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Hathor Mainnet

Hathor's mainnet was released on Jan 3rd, 2020, 18:15 UTC. See our genesis block.

It's a public, non-permissioned network. Anyone is welcome to join the network.

Check out our GitHub to download and run a full node:


For testing purposes, we recommend that you use our testnet.

Mainnet addresses

Mainnet and testnet addresses are not compatible. Always make sure you're using the correct address when sending and receiving tokens to prevent any accidental loss.

P2PKH scripts addresses start with H (eg H8fUtYn8Kz3meruSeE3HQBfTgK5BWtqRfn). This is the most common type when sending tokens.

P2SH scripts addresses start with h.

Available nodes

Even though the network is public and Hathor Labs has no control over it, we do run some nodes and make them available to the public. You can use them to quickly connect your wallet or miner.

WARNING: for security reasons, we encourage everyone to run their own full node and never rely on third-party servers.

This is the address of our public mainnet nodes: