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Hathor Token Economics

Hathor Token Economics addresses why HTR will be valuable in the future and how Hathor Labs will fund the research and development to keep the ecosystem evolving. It also includes charts of the circulating supply, inflation rate, pre-mined tokens allocation, and pre-mined tokens release schedule.

Download the full Token Economics document.


Type: Utility Token

Symbol: HTR

Decimal: 2 digits (0.01 HTR)

Technology used: Native and unique DAG+Block.

Consensus: Proof-of-Work (PoW), sha256d + merged mining with Bitcoin

Max Supply: Unlimited, small and decreasing inflation (see below)

Circulating Supply, Total: 84,281,573 HTR (October 11th 2020 – for up-to-date number, click here)

Transaction fee: 0.00

Block time: 30 seconds

Reward halvings: Annually during the first 3 years

Tokens issued by block:

  • Year 1: 64 HTR
  • Year 2: 32 HTR (from block height 1,051,200)
  • Year 3: 16 HTR (from block height 2,102,400)
  • Year 4 onwards: 8 HTR (from block height 3,153,600)

Interactive Charts

Here are all the charts contained in our Token Economics document in interactive mode, so you can hover the mouse and get more information.

Download the full Token Economics document.

Circulating Supply

The circulating supply as of October 2020 is around 84 million HTR.

Circulating Supply — Year to Year Inflation Rate

Pre-mined Tokens Allocation

Pre-mined Tokens Release Schedule

This chart has the release schedule for each category as a percentage of the total premine (1,000,000,000 HTR).

To have a better experience interacting with the chart you can click on the category name on the chart labels.