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Hathor Testnet

The testnet is a alternative Hathor network, to be used for testing. Tokens in the testnet are distinct from the actual tokens that run on the Hathor mainnet and should never have any value. This allows application developers or testers to experiment, without having to use real tokens or worrying about impacting the mainnet.

WARNING: if someone offers to sell some testnet tokens to you, he is a scammer.

Testing Loops

Each new testnet is deployed to test new features and/or bug fixes before they're deployed to the mainnet. There might be (an usually there are) more than one testnet running in parallel. Every new loop will be announced on our website and social media channels beforehand.

Every testnet is named in a way that's possible to identify it, using the NATO phonetic alphabet. The first testnet was named alpha, followed by bravo and so on.

Testnet addresses

Mainnet and testnet addresses are not compatible. They start with different letters. Always make sure you're using the correct address when sending and receiving tokens to prevent any accidental loss.

P2PKH scripts addresses start with W (eg Wc3UFdkB1gKR7onhSwMHnnV8Nzg75GGH9T). This is the most common type when sending tokens.

P2SH scripts addresses start with w.

How do I get some tokens?

You can use the public Hathor Faucet project to get tokens. It is available at Be aware that this is a project built and maintained by the Hathor community, not the core team.

Or you can also mine blocks and receive the reward tokens. We have a stratum-enabled server in our testnet that miners can connect to. Read more about our mining tools.

Can I create my custom token?

Sure! Go ahead, create your token and share them with your friends. Just remember that, when we reset the testnet, everything will be lost.

Can I run my own full node?

Of course! Our code is open source and anyone is welcome to join the network:

Current testnet

Name: golf


Our testnet has both private and public nodes. Here is the list of public nodes:

Public Node 1: