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Hathor Testnet

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Hathor Testnet

Our team has been working for several months in a fully working implementation of Hathor, developed from scratch. We know that there are many things to be improved in our software, but we would like to show what we have gotten so far. We have basically worked on four areas: (i) full node, (ii) mining, (iii) wallet, and (iv) deployment tools.

At this first moment of the testnet, we would like people to try Hathor Wallet, our API and our mining tools. So, we released their source code in our GitHub. Of all the work we have done so far, we are just keeping private a few repositories, including the full node source code.

Testing Loops

We plan to run several testing loops in the next weeks. Every loop will bring new features and/or bug fixes to Hathor Network and will be incompatible with previous loops. So, as we keep developing our full node and our wallet during the testnet, we may decide to start a new loop and reset the whole network. This means that all transactions and blocks will be wiped out. Every new loop will be announced on our website and social media channels beforehand.

How do I get some tokens?

You can ask for tokens just tweeting your address with the hashtags #hathor #testnet #IWantHTR and we'll send you a bunch of tokens.

Or you can also mine blocks and receive the reward tokens. We have a stratum-enabled server in our testnet that miners can connect to. Read more about our mining tools.

Can I create my custom token?

Sure! Go ahead, create your token and share them with your friends. Just remember that, when we reset the testnet, everything will be lost.

Can I run my own full node?

We have not published the source code of the full node yet. For further information, read this.

Running Nodes

Our testnet has both private and public nodes. Here is the list of public nodes: